Thonon diet

Thonon diet, what is it?


Green Salad -Thonon DietInvented by a doctor of the University Hospital of Thonon (yes, the city where the famous spa!), this diet program is actually a low calorie diet and high protein.

Therefore, during this diet among diets that work, the focus is primarily on meat, eggs, and dairy products and ignores the consumption of fats and sugars.

Also note: if you follow this plan, the salt should be banned from your diet as well as alcohol.


Thonon diet among diets that work based on two weeks promises dramatic weight loss provided you comply with the letter and make no difference.


Menu type of Thonon diet:

Day 1

Morning coffee or tea without sugar

Afternoon: 2 boiled eggs, spinach without salt to taste

Evening: a great grilled steak, lettuce and celery


Day 2

Morning: coffee or tea without sugar, a little milk

Noon: a great steak, green salad, tomatoes and fruit,

Dinner: ham at will


Day 3

Morning: coffee or tea without sugar and a small grain bread (or complete)

Afternoon: 2 boiled eggs, salad and tomatoes will,

Dinner: ham and salad at will


FruitsDay 4

Morning:  coffee or tea without sugar, bun

Midi: 1 boiled egg, raw or cooked carrots, a piece of cheese,

Evening: fruit, a natural yogurt.


Day 5

Morning: carrots, coffee or tea

Lunch: fish broth, 2 tomatoes

Dinner: steak, green salad


Day 6

Morning: coffee or tea without sugar, bun

Lunch: grilled chicken

Dinner: 2 boiled eggs, raw carrots or cooked


Day 7

Morning: coffee or tea or herbal tea with lemon

Lunch: steak, fruit

Evening: eating sensibly what we want (except alcohol, salt, sugar and fat)


Day 8

Take the first day of Thonon diet till the 14th day…


Thonon diet, for whom?

This restrictive diet among diets that work is not really recommended. If you still want to follow the Thonon diet, know that you must be determined and extremely rigorous. Weight loss is important, it is also highly advisable to discuss with a doctor or health care professional before starting this diet program because not all bodies are able to support a change in food hygiene as radical.


Thonon diet really works?

According to its inventor, Thonon diet can lose up to 10 pounds in 14 days of diet provided as we said, never, ever, crack.

But beware … the yoyo effect; because too many frustrations food quite often lead to compensation with high calorie foods.

Also note: the foods allowed are mainly rich in protein. Digestive disorders can also occur and cause harm to your system.

So although this weight loss program has been developed by a physician, the consequences are not overlooked.

This is why it is essential to consult a health professional before starting this diet.

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